Why We Are Better...

We are consultants, but a client recently said we were really fixers. We start with the premise that your practice is great, and it can only go up from there.


We have a New Approach to Consulting

No one in the dental community disputes that there are some great consulting companies out there. There is nothing wrong with their approaches, but a new day in dental consulting has dawned. Although we certainly see the value in understanding patient types, personality profiles of the staff, and team building - these are often secondary concerns to the real issue that plague many dental offices. What makes us different, and better, is that we are not cookie-cutter consultants. We do not have one binder, plan, or approach to every office. We treat every practice as a new patient, assessing their needs and wants, and focusing on fixing the deepest decay first.  Think of it this way, patient types and personality tests for staff are like whitening, you see it and it looks pretty but it doesn't always address the underlying issues. Collections and production activities are more like bridges, they fil the empty spaces and allow the patient to look better, feel better, and have a more complete smile. Just like you, we want our patients to address the most severe issues first and then focus on the aesthetics.

We are cost effective

One of the chief complaints we heard from dentists was the astronomical costs associated with getting good consulting help for their practice. It seems some consultants, like some patients, think dentists are made of money. We know that this isn't true. Actually, the majority of dentists came from middle or lower-middle class families and are essentially self-made people. Adding that most of your parents probably aren't independently wealthy, so you had to pay for all that fancy schooling, and we know cashflow can be a real issue in a dental practice. And let's not even talk about the super high overhead! So, that's great but what does that mean to you? Well, we are affordable. We charge hourly, and roughly half of the hourly rates we usually see for consultants. We are boots on the ground, in your office, teaching and adjusting as we go to get you the best results in the least amount of time. We know that you work hard for your money, and our goal is to help you make more of it and keep more that you collect. Although every office is different and we cannot give you exact figures, we can tell you that the average cost for 50 or so hours of consulting plus the tandem training and initial consult is around $18,000. Compare this to the average going rate for consulting companies of around $30,000 to $60,000 for far less actual hours of consulting. We are confident that once you meet us and see our plan for your office, you will agree that the modest investment in your practice is worth it.