Clinical Coaching

Once the practice administrate staff gets the patients in the door, the clinical staff can shine. Your clinical staff has the education in treating your patient, our job is to teach them timely approaches to comprehensive care. Just as with administrative, every clinical staff has it's own strengths and challenges, but most often we see practices needing training on:

  • Consistent clinical charting across all staff members.
  • Best legal approaches to clinical notes.
  • Treatment planning in the dental software and treatment acceptance from the clinical side.
  • Hygiene retention plans that work now.
  • Auditing of appointment types and times.
  • Keeping the schedule on time, and running smoothly for providers.
  • Incorporating new technology into appointments.
  • Ensuring open communication between back of house staff.
  • Making sure your practice meets the minimum requirements of the legal standard of care.

Insurance, Accounts Receivable, and Collections

Arguably one of the most important and often overlooked reasons why practices are not as successful as they can be, collections is much easier than people think with the proper training and language choices. We develop your staff with skills on how to increase collections, not only from patients but also insurance companies. Although as a law firm, we can take on collection accounts from your office, we would rather not. That sounds funny, but it makes much more sense for you to have staff you are already paying to collect money, then it does to pay a lawyer to do the same thing. Certainly there are some accounts that will have to go to outside collections, patients and even insurance, but our goal it to help you keep these to 5 or 6 a year instead of 5 or 6 a month.

Ongoing Support

Another place we really rise above the rest is in our commitment to staying with you beyond our initial training. Our clients are clients for life, not because they need constant help, but because they recognize the value of having outside administrative review. With a minimum of  4 coaching hours per quarter, we will review your important reports monthly and keep you advised of any issues we see. This is a wonderful way for you to have some business back-up from people who have their finger on the pulse of the dental community at large. Of course, we can always come back in to your office at any time to address specific needs or train a new staff member.