Think dental law is only malpractice? Think again.

Transactional Dental Law

Whether you are buying or selling a practice, or simply joining or leaving one, you need a contract. Correction, you need a lawyer to review and/or negotiate your contract, and not just any lawyer but one who knows dental. You know and we know that dental is different; it's business, but it has a specific language and calculations all it's own. Having an attorney who knows the dental field particularly gives you a distinct advantage in solidifying a good deal or avoiding a bad one.

We are not practice transition professionals, instead we choose to represent the interest of only one client in each transaction, ensuring the highest ethical standards and representation. The only skin your representative should have in the transition game is yours, so we supplement practice transition professionals to ensure you have the right deal with the best contract for you.


patient Legal Forms

Many dentists don't realize it, but they use legal forms every day, and so do their staff. HIPAA documents, Guarantee of Payment forms, Informed Consents, Informed Refusals, and Financial Payment Arrangements are all examples of patient forms filled out in dental offices just like yours every day, but make no mistake these are legal forms that can affect your practice for years to come if they are not enforceable. We provide guidance and proven legal forms to your practice, giving you the edge in the courtroom should some unexpected legal issue arise.


Employment forms and law

Just like patient forms, employment forms are legal in nature and have to adhere to strict state and federal guidelines. We painstakingly review your employee forms, including your office manual (yes you're welcome), and ensure that you have everything in place to keep your employees and your practice running smoothly. We can also consult on EEOC claims, employee reviews, warnings, and terminations and hiring issues including contracts, non-compete clauses, and confidentiality agreements.