For Kristi Goyer-Myers and MaKenzi Higgins, dental has become a way of life. Kristi has been a hygienist, practice administrator and consultant for over 25 years. Working in different practices, and with a multitude of consultants, Kristi learned what works with a staff and what does not. She spent years learning what she could from those approaches while developing her own systems and structures which she now implements to the delight of her clients. 

MaKenzi Higgins is an accomplished business leader and attorney with over twenty years of business and ten years of dental administration and law experience behind her. MaKenzi uses sound approaches to increasing productivity and collections, negotiating increases to fee schedules, and training doctors and their staff on best practices both legal and administrative. 

Together, Kristi and MaKenzi make a powerful duo, with a playful yet resilient way of shifting your practice into top gear!